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Cargo iQ operates as a non-profit membership group supported by IATA and is composed of some 80 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, trucking companies and IT solution providers globally. IATA Cargo iQ wants to replace its existing benchmark reporting solution by a new platform. The benchmark reporting evaluates the performance of carriers (members of Cargo IQ) along the different transport paths. The technology company Information Builders Switzerland AG was asked to offer a solution for Cargo iQ Smart Data and involved iRIX Software Engineering AG as the solution partner to complete this offer.


Cargo iQ Members (see list here) of this interest group agreed on a system of shipment planning and performance monitoring for air cargo based on common business processes and milestones. During the standardization process, a master operating plan (MOP) was developed which describes the air cargo supply chain with the first, industry-endorsed, standard of the end-to-end process of air transport.
The smart data program forms a three-stage project that is intended to produce a broader scope of measurements, more information on specific milestones, and allow self-service member access to the group’s reporting platform. During Module One of the project, airport-to-airport data collection and benchmarking processing is underway and due for completion in the spring of 2017. For Module Two iRIX is implementing the online portal, which Cargo iQ members will be able to use to interrogate Cargo iQ data for customised reports on milestones covering individual routes, time frames and the performance of their partners.


  • Massive data volumes - 2015: 10 mio airport-to-airport measured shipments, 5.5 mio door-to-door measured, smart data project is adding 110 mio lines of performance data annually
  • Data foundation - performance data is gathered on a file basis with retransmission if incomplete
  • Data quality - application should tackle missing, incomplete and inconsistent data sets as not all data providers are fulfilling set standards yet
  • Existing reporting platform should be decommissioned - self-service analysis should be facilitated for Cargo iQ members
  • Establish a cloud based global service relying on security and data safeguard functionalities



A web based portal solution is being implemented in order to address - smart data targets - hosted in a European cloud environment - driven by the highly reliable and flexible Information Builders Technology - realized by its business partner iRIX specialised in developing business analytics solutions.

The cooperation between iRIX and Information Builders is a natural fit. The customer oriented spirit of both companies, as well as the experience in the market, gives IATA the best value for success, using proven technology based on vertical experience in the logistics market.

To fulfil all defined smart data project requirements iRIX is foreseeing one of the most flexible business analytics applications available in the market. The solution will be provided as a cloud based application to offer an easy to reach data hub for members and non-members to improve quality and process performance. The solution comprises a dedicated custom reception and validation process storing the data in an appropriate store and a highly sophisticated analysis and presentation layer WebFOCUS from Information Builders. This layer is also available to the licensed users as a platform for other reporting and analytics within the IATA organization for other self-service analytics or monthly reporting. The first glimpse on that solution was presented at the World Cargo Symposium 13-16 of March 2017 to IATA members.



  • Hyperstage, Information Builders proved in-memory technology, is utilized to boost performance and guarantees short execution times of data analysis
  • An automatic reception process is going to extract data from files and load it into data warehouse schema developed regarding cargo iQ reporting specifications
  • Data validation: gathered performance data is being staged and is only flowing into analytics platform after passing defined quality gates.
  • WebFOCUS components are selected to create a multi-tabbed dashboard providing deep insights into process performance for defined milestone achievements for each Cargo iQ member.


Added value for Cargo iQ
As a result, the developed cloud-based analytics portal application allows Cargo iQ members to:

  • Get detailed insights into their shipment processes and so can derive concrete means to improve milestone performance for both airport-to-airport and door-to-door shipments
  • Facilitate industry benchmark comparisons along the standardized supply chain process chain
  • Further develop the industry standardization of the air cargo supply chain
  • Switch from static reporting to a self-service analysis to shorten information lifecycle and use insights for discussions with related business partners