Business Solutions

Facing new challenges in ChemInformatics?

  • Extracting information from your ever growing data
  • Controlling workflows with your collaboration partners
  • Managing complex projects with manifold stakeholders and technologies
  • Provide the right IT solutions to your users

iRIX Software Engineering AG is best suited to support you facing these challenges. Ask for our expertise in these fields or have a detailed look at the following possible services. 


Obsolete scientific software environment?

Long internal processes usually prevent organizations to deploy as many software updates as providers deliver, resulting in environments becoming quickly obsolete and integration issues. On the other hand, users have learned how to make the most of old technologies like ISIS and are not inclined to adapt their workflows without confidence that all of their requirements will be covered by any new solution. Experts from iRIX Software Engineering AG can help you to build an inventory of your applications, check your scientific databases license situation, document your workflows and analyze the challenges your users are facing. With this snapshot of your current environment and requirements you will be best prepared to define your future software strategy.
Ask for an environment check-up.


Too high Pipeline Pilot administration costs?
How many software solutions are used within your organization? Each of them requires maintenance (updates, user rights management...) and user support. Ideally you can afford one administrator (and a backup person) for each one to provide the expected services. And what about know-how? Only a few experts are available to support highly specialized solutions like Accelrys Enterprise Platform (formerly known as Pipeline Pilot). As an Accelrys consulting partner, iRIX Software Engineering can help you to get the most of this solution and provide your users with the best service with predictable and transparent costs.

Ask for our outsourcing solutions.


Need of knowledge in scientific products?
As R&D organizations are facing cost pressure, it is becoming less and less easy to have the in-house knowledge required to support all software your scientific collaborators are using in their daily work. Whether you need a temporary solution to overcome a resource bottleneck or a long term collaboration, iRIX can provide you experts in manifold scientific technologies from Accelrys (Pipeline Pilot, Insight, Isentris, Direct, ISIS, Cheshire...) or other providers (KNIME, Tibco Spotfire, ChemAxon...).

Ask for our knowledge overview.


Heterogeneous systems to integrate?
How connected are your different scientific applications? Do they share central databases or access domain specific databases (often called silos)? With the ever growing data quantities, scientific information management has become a strategic field in which R&D organizations can make tremendous efficiency gains by providing the right information to the right people at the right time. With its combined experience of business intelligence and scientific databases, iRIX Software Engineering can analyze the gaps within your processes and also the workarounds developed by your users (often Pipeline Pilot / KNIME / Excel based) to propose an integration strategy.

Ask for our business understanding .


Optimize the customer journey of your clients with the industry solution Customer Insights from IBM. Enrich your existing data with powerful predictive analysis and optimize your business processes within marketing, customer services and all other customer facing departments.


Benefit from far-reaching customer insights with following added values:

  • dynamic customer segmentation, based on customer behaviour
  • predict customer churn and recommended activities to mitigate churn
  • customer prioritization with urgently recommended actions
  • predict financially relevant life time events of individual customers
  • optimized marketing campaigns through better prediction of product affinities and closing probabilities
  • pre-tailored industry solution, including data model, statistical model and dashboard analysis

The following objectives can be achieved:

  • expansion of the market share by enlarged customer wallet-share
  • increased customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty
  • increased productivity of customer-oriented resources
  • short setup time of the solution
  • reduction of marketing costs, increase in the return on investments in marketing (ROMI)

This solution is available for various industries:


iRIX won the Basler Kantonalbank for the Customer Insights solution for banking.


Download: TDWI eBook Customer Analytics (only available in german)


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Intelligent Software for effective energy controlling

The installation and the implementation of a long-term and comprehensive energy management can only be realised with a suitable software. Without substantiated energy controlling with detailed facts on energy consumption, success for energy management is not possible. Established and web-based energy controlling software supports enterprises from different industries and the public sector with optimizing their energy usage, lower cost and preserve resources. The software is an important basis for the implementation of an energy management system and with the introduction of the DIN EN ISO 50001 norm.

We can support you with the selection and introduction of a suitable solution for your organisation. Contact us for an analysis of your needs or the presentation of possible solutions.


Does your enterprise participate in the energy market? Are you interested in lowering your transaction cost and increase the safety of your operations? If the answer is yes, then we can support you with our extensive experience in the IT based execution of energy business. We have solutions in the following areas.


Matching with counterparty

Automated matching of your own deals with the counterparties (electronic and fax counterparty matching)



Real-time visualisation of all positions in freely configurable sums


Nomination and schedule management

Schedule delivery in the European balance areas


Asset Optimization

You have your own facilities or participations and want to manage these efficiently and utilize the energy exchange?


Energy Management

You want to offer our customers energy management solutions?We offer a cloud based energy management platform, your customers can use.


Our scope covers the whole range from single software components to the management of operations. Special solutions are possible without investment capital. Contact us.

Do you plan to prepare your annual report on the basis of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)? Are you planning the next step for your organisation towards sustainability management? Do you want to know more about your energy consumption to focus your investments on energy savings? We can consult you in the search for a suitable solution for your "green" requirement and will assist you in the introduction of the solution.


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