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Efficient and fast: that's why we rely on Exasol

Exasol is one of the world's leading relational in-memory databases. Developed by the Nuremberg-based company of the same name, the system is characterized by its high performance and reliability. Exasol plays a particularly important role in the field of data analytics and machine learning, but other applications with time-critical requirements also benefit from its performance.

Exasol achieves this high level of efficiency thanks to a whole range of intelligently coordinated features:
  • In Memory: The database system works entirely in the main memory and only accesses other memories to read in and finally store data.
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP): The Exasol database efficiently utilizes the computing power of several processors and processor cores.
  • Column-by-column storage: By storing data in columns, the number of I/O operations is significantly reduced.

Data analytics directly in the database

Exasol allows the use of programming and scripting languages directly in the database system. The languages supported by default include R, Python, Java and Lua. However, algorithms in other languages can also be integrated. Developers can therefore use the power of the Exasol system with the languages they already use in other projects.

Flexibility through virtual schemes

Data to be analyzed is often available in extremely heterogeneous database formats. This can be a challenge for large-scale analytics and data warehouse projects. Exasol supports companies and other institutions with virtual schemas to make the largest possible data sets usable without detours. The virtual schemas translate the command sets of a wide range of different databases into standard SQL. In addition to various relational databases, these include Hadoop distributions and the NoSQL databases integrated into many software products.

Self-optimizing engine

Exasol permanently monitors the use and performance of the database during operation and automatically optimizes the system settings. This makes more queries possible with the same processor and memory utilization. The amount of work otherwise required for fine-tuning can be significantly reduced. This reduces the cost of using the database.

In the cloud and on premise

The Exasol database is based on open standards and is therefore more flexible than many other systems. This can be seen not least when looking at the potentially usable hardware environments. Exasol can be used both on premise on local hardware and on cloud infrastructure. In particular, the use of public clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google's cloud platform is possible. Hybrid use is also no problem. Thanks to advanced security functions, customers can rest assured that no data will be lost even when using external cloud providers. The Exasol database can be operated in full compliance with the GDPR.

Software Download

free of charge for commercial and private use

  • 200 GB raw data on a single-node system
  • Unlimited period of use
  • Support via the EXASOL Online User Forum
  • Additional support available


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