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We are Alliance Partners with Informatica, a leading provider of data integration, data quality and master data management (MDM) services and software. Informatica's products facilitate the timely provision of relevant and reliable data for the governance of organisations.

The company Informatica was founded on the idea of using graphical tools to create data warehouses rather than reading them in manually as before. The company now also uses AI for its transformative results in data integration and master data management. This enables companies to utilise the potential of their database much more effectively. Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ is based on artificial intelligence.
Data integration services

Informatica's tools can be used to merge information from different data sources. This data integration is also possible if the sources have different data structures. These are then standardised in the Intelligent Data Management Cloud™. This allows them to be utilised more effectively than through direct access to individual heterogeneous sources. Data integration is particularly important in cases where a company wants to connect several grown systems. These can be subsystems of the same company, but often they are also systems of different companies that are merging with each other. Data integration involves merging the relevant data and the structures in which they exist. The latter are usually integrated first (so-called schema integration), which can also be achieved using the automatic schema matching process. Methods such as data fusion and duplicate recognition are used for subsequent data integration. Practical applications are, for example, the integration of product information and its retrieval by product search engines for the economy and trade and the evaluation of geological data sets for the determination of cross-border surface characteristics for science.There can always be redundancies in data from different sources. The correlations can sometimes be determined automatically. They are then used for data merging. This function applies to master data management, among other things: an employee directory is merged with the telephone list. The tool compares the matches (name in the employee directory and name in the telephone list) and creates a new, combined database. One result of data integration is the consolidation of data into fewer databases and therefore a better overview for users.
Master data management services

Informatica's tools are extremely useful for master data management. The aim here is to create a single master data record for persons, business partners, locations, products or services, which serves as a central data source. Master data management provides processors with a reliable overview that is constantly kept up to date when linked to new input. This link allows new information - a change in an employee's telephone number, a new price for a product, a new offer from a business partner - to flow automatically into the relevant master data record. Master data management is a core task in all companies, for which Informatica provides the right software. It is important for administration, decision-making, reporting and process efficiency. Although master data only makes up a relatively small percentage of a company's total data, it is some of the most complex and therefore most valuable data. In some cases, the number of master data records is very high, such as the customer master data for companies with many thousands or even millions of customers (telephone providers, etc.). When companies use CRM and ERP software, they usually allow these to access the master database. In CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the master data not only contains the contact information for a customer, but also their purchase history, complaints, reliability, payment preferences and opportunities for cross-selling and upselling offers.

Informatica's integration tools and master data management software offer valuable solutions for companies in all sectors and other organisations such as public authorities and associations. We would be happy to advise you on this topic.

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