Case Study: Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF




«We are very happy with the outcome of this project.

Since this project is still ongoing, we hope to keep the collaboration open for further development of the database.»

Dr. Hao Wang, Research Scientist SSEF




Starting situation

Gems and pearls are among the most valuable materials in the world.  However, before they are processed into luxury goods, their authenticity must be checked.  The Swiss Foundation for Gemstone Research SSEF operates a test laboratory in Basel.  Gems are tested for chemical and physical properties in a series of analyses, and beads are X-rayed.  Thus, for each gemstone studied, a large amount of data accumulates, which ultimately forms the basis for a comprehensive gemstone determination and thus for issuing an investigation report.  This data would like to merge the SSEF into a database and at any time have access to the collected comparison values ​​in order to optimize the classification with statistical models.




After analysing an object using different test methods, the measurement results are transferred from several sources to a database.  However, the data are structured differently.  iRIX needs to unify the data, create a dashboard and ensure that measurement results are correctly integrated into the database.  The SSEF database contains test results of authenticity, evidence of treatment and country of origin.  The aim is to create a comprehensive reference database that can be used for the future determination of gemstones.





iRIX provides a database and supports the SSEF in defining the tool set for visualization and data comparison.  The data in different formats are automatically converted and fed to the database.  The aim of the database is to combine a number of analysis results that can be accessed in different formats and at different times, so that they can be visualized and compared at any time.




The manual transfer of data and thus the risk of incorrect entries is eliminated.  "With the know-how of iRIX, we have defined the database structure and set up a database.  We are now working on the internal software that accesses our analytical data from the analysers and integrates them into the database, "adds Dr. med.  Hao Wang.






Information about the SSEF

Year of foundation: 1974

Sector: Research

Headquarter: Basel

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