Case Study Coal Silo, Gundeldinger Feld Basel



From the coal silo to the electricity storage




The old coal silo on the grounds of Maschinenfabrik Sulzer & Burckhardt in Basel has been modernized. The building now houses business premises and in the course of this reconstruction, the façade and roof were clad with PV modules, which are being investigated in a joint research project by the Office for the Environment and Energy of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Federal Office of Energy together with the University of Applied Sciences North-western Switzerland (FHNW) become. The electricity produced is stored in "2nd Live" batteries - discarded lithium-ion batteries used in electro mobility - to be used later by the residents of the area. The plant produces 16,400 kWh of solar power annually with its horizontal and vertical solar modules. The solar modules are colourful and thus able to adapt to the look of a building, without attracting attention. The tower of the former coal silo, on the other hand, was disguised in four colours to better examine the influence of colour on electricity production. He was awarded the Swiss Solar Prize in 2015.



foto credits: Martin Zeller



Challenges for iRIX

iRIX was commissioned with the monitoring and evaluation platform. The energy and performance data of the PV system, the storage, all consumers, as well as the feed-in and the purchase from the power grid are being recorded. The data of the different coloured modules should be collected individually. In this way, the reduction in performance due to the colouring can be stated and compared with the manufacturer's specifications. The aim of the monitoring is to optimize the power storage and reduce the external power consumption. The various data are being brought together on one platform to simplify the evaluation.



The iRIX solution


A fine-meshed measurement concept collects, evaluates and converts all data into an evaluable form. Approximately 80 measuring points provide data in 5 or 15-minute cycles, which are recorded over decades. Thus, about 8.5 million values ​​add up annually on the Big Data platform. The data basis is made available to all companies for multidimensional analysis via web access. This documentation helps to answer the questions and contexts of interest to research, industry and public authorities.






Technical data

Total area of solar modules: 159qm

Rated power: 23 kWp

Electricity yield per year: 16'400 kWh

Master of the works: Kantensprung AG

Planning & Execution: Baubüro in situ AG

PV installation: Solvatec AG

Monitoring and evaluation: iRIX AG

Measurement data: Dreifels AG



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