Axpo Solution AG, Success Story




"Working with iRIX was pleasant, we benefited from great availability and understanding of our specific requirements."

Walter Woodtli, Senior IM Solution Engineer, Axpo Solution AG





Starting position

Axpo Trading AG trades in energy and is involved in power exchanges, such as  the Trayport active.  On their platform, traders place their offers.  An offer contains information on the amount of electricity, the price and the delivery period.  These details must be presented to the trader as quickly and clearly as possible in the case of a transacted transaction, automatically supplemented by additional data and imported into the Axpo Trading AG's own position management system.



Challenge: balanced trading

Reading out the data on the stock exchange, adding to it and storing it in your own system must work reliably and with as little delay as possible.  At the end of a trading day, the ratio of purchases and deliveries must be balanced.  Balanced action is monitored by Swissgrid, the Swiss transmission system operator.  Each electricity supplier must report to Swissgrid at a fixed time each day whether its ratio of purchases and sales is balanced.  At the end of a trading day, short-term trades are often made, so that this balance is achieved.  In this case, a rapid transmission of the timetable data plays a role, as a delay in entering a bus threatens.




The new requirements were defined in close cooperation with the customer and the existing system simplified.  The outdated predecessor system has already been programmed by the iRIX.  Now a trading system is in use, which has a high degree of automation and offers fast performance.  This new version has been slimmed down in functionality, so no longer modern functions have been eliminated, but in the field of technology has been upgraded.  Many obsolete functions reduced the clarity of the user interface.  Now all deals with the most important information are clearly arranged and the current status is available at any time.  Changes to data as well as the status of a deal are immediately visible to all traders, which is implemented with Rico Framework and JavaFX.






The replacement of the old system eliminates the associated licence fees.  The deals are now presented more clearly, additions are possible at the touch of a button and data is transmitted much faster thanks to better performance and high automation than before.  This offers more flexibility in trading, no deals are lost and reporting to Swissgrid can be timely.



Link Rico Framework



About Axpo

Customer:                               Axpo Solution AG

Main office:                              Baden (AG)

Number of employees:            734

Industry:                                 Energiekonzern

Turnover (Holding):                 CHF 5.4 Mrd.

Location:                                 in 30 European countries






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