For our project services and software development projects our company maintains a comprehensive infrastructure. In addition, our employees have supported many projects with the definition and implementation of the necessary infrastructure. We can provide this knowledge for your project or your needs. We are already supporting several small to medium sized companies by providing the external informatics manager, who takes care of the infrastructure needs of the company. For support of your infrastructure and desktop clients, we collaborate with different partners.



Nowadays, components of the IT infrastructure may be moved into the cloud. This outsourcing steps must be evaluated carefully.  The aspects of integration and security are key for the success.

We cloud-enable your solution in two ways. On the one hand, we utilize cloud components (e.g. infrastructure) where meaningful. On the other hand, with the Solution as a Service (SolaaS) model, we offer a cloud-based accounting of your project.

This means that we develop your solution on our costs and you rent it. You pay only as long as you utilize the solution and have no initial costs (CAPEX). We guarantee that the benefit is higher than the costs. Contact us and convince us to invest in your solution.


System Architecture

We analyse your infrastructure and your needs. From this analysis, we compile an overview of your infrastructure, point out existing weaknesses and provide suggestions for improvements. We can also support you in the implementation of the improvement suggestions or in the implementation of the target infrastructure including migration work.


Training on the job / Coaching

We can support you with the introduction of new employees or the transfer of additional tasks. Our employees will provide an introduction to the most important tasks for operations and maintenance of your infrastructure and provide a rapid path towards working independently. On request, we can also compile the appropriate manuals.


Infrastructure Provisioning

Through our contacts with established vendors, we can also support you in the acquisition of the necessary infrastructure (servers, laptops, printers, backup). On the basis of your requirements, we will provide you with implementation suggestions and purchase the hardware for you. We can also support the transfer of the infrastructure to operations.

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