We believe that the supervision of projects is the most important function for the successful completion of informatics projects.


Successful execution of informatics projects requires an efficient and professional project management. The anticipatory planning, the coordination of different stakeholder groups, the precise specification of requirements and the execution of comprehensive tests will guarantee success for your project.


We support you in the following disciplines.


Project Management

Our employees have worked with a number of project management methodologies through their work with our clients and are therefore familiar with a variety of approaches. We can provide the role of project manager for your project and will lead your project to success according to the method of your choice. Our preferred method for the execution of projects is the Swiss standard HERMES.


Consulting & Evaluation

We provide consultancy for your projects and assume responsibility for individual project management areas. We support you with the choice of a solution and check the suitability of the chosen solution (proof-of-concept).


Requirements Engineering

Precise requirements are the prerequisite for the choice of a suitable solution. Using a set of methods (brainstorming, workshops, analysis of existing systems, etc) we ensure, that the requirements are complete, unambiguous and prioritized. Our employees are certified according to the IREB Standard for requirements engineering.


Quality &  Test Management

During software development and before the introduction of a solution, it must be ensured that the requirements were implemented correctly and the solution is fully functional. This can be ensured by a structured and integrated approach. We support your project with quality assurance and test management. We utilize test management software for these tasks.


Risk Management

It is essential to identify risks early in a project. Appropriate avoidance measures must be planned early on and risks monitored continuously.


Analysis of business processes

We help you analyse your business processes and provide insights into areas for improvements. We model the business processes using UML with a standard toolset and can provide the business models to you for further use in application development or testing.


ROI Analysis

Do you want to ensure that the investments in your project have resulted in the appropriate advantages? We can help you quantify the benefits and compare them to the investments.


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