About iRIX

Since its foundation, iRIX Software Engineering AG has been located in Gundeldinger Feld, on the southern edge of the city of Basel. We place a lot of value on a flat hierarchy and functioning cooperation. Our employees have a stake in the company and can thus actively participate in the further development of iRIX.

Philipp Bachmann
Philipp BachmannService Manager / Analyst
Thierry Bosshart
Thierry BosshartManaging Partner / P
Roger Fatton
Roger FattonSystem Engineer / Analyst
Katrin Feuck
Katrin FeuckApplication Manager
Irene Förg
Irene FörgSOUG Key Account Management & Marketing
Jürgen Fritz
Jürgen FritzProject Manager / Analyst
Peter Gutzwiller
Peter GutzwillerProject Manager / Analyst
Céline Hagen
Céline HagenTeam & Office Assistant
Jörg Koch
Jörg KochManaging Partner / Data Analytics Expert
Daniel Läderach
Daniel LäderachManaging Partner
Jasmin Menges
Jasmin MengesSoftware Engineer in training
Lionel Montheu
Lionel MontheuFull-Stack Developer
Christian Müller
Christian MüllerFull-Stack Developer
Severin Müller
Severin MüllerFull-Stack Developer
Linus Pauls
Linus PaulsFull-Stack Developer
Cedric Purtschert
Cedric PurtschertFull-Stack Developer
Thorsten Quint
Thorsten QuintProject Manager / Analyst
Janne Sickert
Janne SickertSoftware Engineer in training
Dieter Streun
Dieter StreunProject Manager / Data Analytics Expert
Boris Vorberg
Boris VorbergManaging Partner
Sven Wörz
Sven WörzProject Manager / Analyst
Adrian Wyss
Adrian WyssManaging Partner / Data Analytics Expert / CEO
Thomas Zimber
Thomas ZimberProject Manager / Analyst
Yannick Zutter
Yannick ZutterFull-Stack Developer

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