The development of tailor made software solutions is our core competency. We can offer years of experience in all phases of the software development cycle. Use our software factory supported by professional development tools for maximum efficiency.


Architecture and Design

Before starting with the development, the desired target architecture must be defined. Based on your requirements or existing operational specifications we will assist you in defining the target architecture. We help you choose from different possible solution options.



In most cases, it will be necessary to store data persistently. Modelling of the appropriate database (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL) belongs to the central tasks of software development. Correct modelling will ensure a consistent data storage and rapid data access. We have special knowledge on the modelling of databases for data warehouse solutions that specialize in the determination of key enterprise performance figures. We also have experience with the translation of technical data models into a user-friendly access layer (business layer), that facilitates the creation of reports and analysis



Often requirements can be covered by existing standard software. In this case, the software must only be configured for the requested usage or will require minor adaptations.



Applications never stand in isolation in an enterprise but are usually connected to other internal or external systems. We can assist you with the integration of new or existing systems, through the introduction of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), by utilizing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach or a point-to-point system connection. We also utilize special tools for the Data Warehousing (Extraction-Transformation-Loading = ETL) area that are built for massive data processing.


Web and Client Development

The user interface connects the system with the users and must therefore, be developed with great care. The user should be supported in their work in an optimal way and business process should be accelerated and simplified. We develop with Java, Java-based frameworks (Grails, Google Web Toolkit GWT) as well as with .Net by Microsoft.

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